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Welcome to the Worlds of Leef and Joan where we shall post stories and story fragments, character bios and pictures, and other creative stuff.

The Current major work is concerning World A (until it gets a better name). Here is a snippet of our World A story:

The professor rambled her final rambling, ignored by all except for Erm, who had efficiently managed to transcribe the entire lecture, regardless of the obvious distractions.
"Really...I think he's dead...what should we do with the body?" Murph scratched his head.
"Look," Erm pointed out, "he's moving." And surely enough, Gon was moving. Granted it was much more like twitching than anything else.
"No, he's just having a post-mortum seizure," Murph argued. Griff and Erm starred at him, then at each other, and then at Gon, who had begun to make a very faint noise. Murph began,
"Well, I've never heard a dead body do that before..."
"That's because he's not dead you blithering twit," Erm glarred.
"You are the more disagreeable twin, aren't you?" Murph returned the glare with a mocking scowl, and retreated towards the door.
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